The customer object

The customer object provides access to customer account details stored in the system. Customer accounts represent people who made bookings or purchases. If customer account login is active, these accounts will provide people access to manage their bookings via the customer account area.

id integer
The unique id for the customer object.
*reference string
The unique reference for the customer.
ip string
The ip of the customer.
first_name string
The first name of the customer.
last_name string
The last name of the customer.
email string
The email for the customer.
mobile string
The mobile number for the customer.
telephone string
The telephone number for the customer.
address string
The address of the customer.
address2 string
The address2 of the customer.
city string
The city of the customer.
county string
The county of the customer.
postcode string
The postcode of the customer.
country string
The country of the customer.
image string
The profile image of the customer.
sales_total positive float or zero
The sales (bookings/purchases) total for the customer.
paid_total positive float or zero
The paid total for the customer.
due_total positive float or zero
The due total for the customer.
custom_fields array_objects
The custom fields for this customer, as dictated by the customers settings
credit_total float
The total amount of credit for the customer.
waiver_signed boolean
If the customer has signed the waiver, if applicable.
waiver boolean
If signed, the waiver object for the customer.